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  • Pleolit films as interlayer

    Pleolit films as interlayer

    Modern buildings tend to be designed with large amounts of glass making up the façade. As such, some of the concerns with all glass façades are solar control and the comfort of occupants.

    Architects and designers globally seek glazing solutions with maximum light transmission and a natural clear appearance, while obtaining anunequaled solar heat gain .

    Pleolit films can easily be integrated as interlayer in between laminated glazing systems, adding an unseen solar control, while maintaining a maximum light transmission.

    A thin spectrally selective coating  is applied onto optically transparant polyester to manufacture Pleolit solar control films. Pleolit films can be adjusted to meet specific design requirements of solar performance and appearance.

    Float glass solutions

    Float glass solutions

    Pleolit films can be machine-laminated inside vertical float or laminated glass panes for following applications:

    Architectural applications : 

    Large building facades, winter gardens
    Skylights / solariums
    Shop windows
    Control tower
    Sports complexes
    Libraries / museums
    Medical facilities

    Vehicle applications : 

    E-busses, electric tramways, trains
    Cooling systems and trucks

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