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  • PLEOLITĀ®, patented technology, endless product innovations

    PLEOLITĀ®, patented technology, endless product innovations

    Made of advanced precious metals and oxides vacuum deposited on the most superior polyester our films meet the stringest quality and durabilty tests.

    Improved spectral-selectivity: our coatings offer a unique combination of more visible light and unseen solar energy rejection results.

    Reflect, not absorb: as glazing systems become more complex and  absorb 25% or more solar energy, thermal glass breakage is becoming a significant risk when installing coatings on the inside. Since our products offer absorption rates of 17% only,  they can easily be applied on the inside of most modern window structures.

    New developments : Group MAM is also involved in several development projects like the SNROOF Project with partners IMEC, AGP, Arkema, and IPTE for the development Solar multi-junction cells integrated in 3D curved roofs of electric vehicles, more info on SNRoof.