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    With 20+ year experience in the industrial coatings industry, we recently invested in a brand new coating facility. The full-fledged sputter roll coater allows for a multitude of coating layers including metals, oxides and nitrides. This leads to a series of high end film products offering top notch optical filter and solar control properties.

    Innovations helping you to save energy, reduce carbon footprint and improve solar and insulating performances
    Retrofit Window films
    Retrofit Window films
    Float Glass Films
    Float Glass Films
    Contract Coating
    Contract Coating
    Our solutions enable you to achieve superior performances
    Your energy efficiency improved from day 1
    Patented coating technology with unique features
    Maximized performance without any need for energy consumption

    Mother nature is our best customer. Above glazing-related products not only improve comfort and heating/cooling efficiency, they are very beneficial for the environment. They strongly reduce CO2 emissions and avoid high peak loads on the grid, resulting from HVAC consumption in warm period. In wintertime, they reduce the need for fossil fuels thanks to improved insulation characteristics. 

    Sun protection film from a space station

    Knack Trends 08-04-2021 states : "No other factory in the world has a machine like the one at the Belgian Group MAM. It looks like a space station and produces films that sustainably protect buildings from the heat of the sun.

    Numerous large buildings have been fitted with this Belgian foil. Among others, the European Parliament, the Environmental Department of the European Commission, the Metropolitan Museum in Amsterdam, the Rabobank in Rotterdam and the Belle-Ile Shopping Center in Liege have thus become significantly more sustainable and energy efficient."

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