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    When it comes to roll-to-roll sputtering, Group MAM manufactures on a state-of-the-art rotatable 5-chamber sputter machine.

    Using a modular configuration, the sputter facility has the possibility of depositing 3 consecutive layers of oxide, followed by the seed layer/silver/blocking layer combination, and again finished by 3 consecutive layers of oxide, 9 layers in total. As the line speed is determined by the deposition speed of the oxides, in this way it is  able to produce at a line speed which is typically 2 to 3 times higher than its competitors. Thanks to the modular design of the machine, the maximum film roll diameter for the machine is increased to 1,2 meters, almost double the size of conventional production machines. The very efficient manufacturing equipment, along with a film width of over 2 meters results in a very competitive pricing for our customers.


    Technology and Know how

    Technology and Know how

    Group MAM is specialised in products and services based on coating technology, such as window film coatings (sun protection and low emissivity). It holds  patents and intellectual property relating to the aforementioned products and their exploitation. After intensive research & development, Group MAM succeeded in unique improvements of window coatings achieving a higher efficiency in terms of IR blocking, combined with an excellent visual light transmission (VLT). Thanks to the smart choice of precious metals and the various layers with varying thicknesses, the coatings have these unequaled properties unique at world level.  

    The combination of the unique manufacturing machinery with the innovative know how offers the opportunity to manufacture coatings with specific high-end characteristics that opens up a very wide range of different innovative applications.

    Group MAM is also involved in several development projects like the SNROOF Project with partners IMEC, AGP, Arkema, and IPTE for the development Solar multi-junction cells integrated in 3D curved roofs of electric vehicles, more info on SNRoof.

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